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Goodbye, 12.

No not TB12, the other 12.

When I was 16, I made 12 my number. My favorite number, my jersey number, my lucky number. It was my mentor’s number, and when I graduated high school I passed it down to my mentee. 12 is the number I associate with hard work and grit. It’s what I associate with succeeding in the face of criticism and winning.

Most associate the number with Tom Brady or Roger Staubach. Those are phenomenal players, but fans of the Red Sox know 12 a bit differently. 12’s a family man. He’s a goof. He’s the ONLY player to EVER hit for the cycle in the postseason. In 2019, 12 put up 77 hits, 31 RBIs, 2 home runs, and had a .297 batting average. 12 loved us, and we loved 12. But now we’ve gotta tell Brock Holt goodbye.

It was announced a few hours ago that pending physical, Brock Holt will be signing with the Milwaukee Brewers. It’s hard to process news like this coming just a little over a week after the confirmation of the Mookie deal going through. This morning, we woke up to Mookie’s farewell video. Tonight, we go to bed with heavy hearts knowing we not only lost a great player, but one of the greatest all-around men to wear a Sox uniform.

Brock Holt wrapped his fifth straight season as a captain of the Jimmy Fund last year. He frequently champions the charity on his social media and in other media appearances. Holt’s also a proud family man. You’d be very hard-pressed to find a Red Sox fan who hasn’t seen a video of the adorable Griff Holt hittin’ dingers off his dad. Take a short scroll through the man’s Instagram. You’ll find that he loves his wife and kid more than anything, and that he genuinely wants to do good.

After 162 last year, Brock Holt handed out all of his bats to fans outside of the game. He’s a great, well-rounded player. But I think most of us can agree we love Brock Holt the person more than we love Brock Holt the player. Milwaukee, you’re gaining a great one. Take care of him for us.

Goodbye 12. Please, try to be the only one that leaves Title Town this year.


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